Since the 1500s, “Capo” San Lucas was used as a navigation reference by Spanish galleons to find water, gather supplies, and rest after crossing the Pacific. In the 1900s, due to limited access by road, traveling to the tip of the Baja Peninsula was almost exclusively for adventurous rich and famous with access to long-range yachts and private planes, gradually transforming Cabo San Lucas into a World-Class destination. The Cabo San Lucas Yacht Club was established to celebrate the destinations maritime history and continue its legacy as a world-class destination through Camaraderie and Community.

The Club hosts several activities throughout the year with exclusive events both on and off the water giving our members and their guests countless opportunities to share their passion for the water. We believe in providing an effortless yachting experience while fostering respect for naval etiquette and the preservation of the environment.

CSLYC is located in the marina of Cabo San Lucas, near Land’s End where the cobalt blue waters of the pacific meet the turquoise Sea of Cortez, a truly magical spot! Los Cabos is known for breathtaking marine life where you may snorkel and scuba diving in the world’s aquarium. Take part in amazing yachting and sailing experiences just footsteps from the famous Medano beach.

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